• Events to Live.

    I enjoy a good run. I use the time to think, unwind from the day's events and entertain silly ideas. Within an hour, the cobwebs are blown away and I feel a tad fitter too.

    So this year I'm thrilled to be taking part in all of the races over on the Events to Live calendar. It's a great array of mostly off-road runs utilising the famous (sometimes infamous) Surrey Hills. Varying from 10K to a full marathon, I've ticked off the Bookham 10K and next up is the Tempest 10 miler

    With the help from guru Nicky at Run to Live we are putting together a training plan to see me good this year. Alongside the events I will be keeping up a blog over on Events to Live

  • Not on the Highstreet.

    I'm proud to have been selected by the Not on the Highstreet team to have my own little shop window, I've been working with them over the last few weeks to get the shop looking just right.

    This morning around midday the green button was pressed and my page went live, it's full to the brim with cycling goodies and best of all open 24 hours a day. Take a look now.

  • Daily Doodle.

    A few months ago I sat down every day and spent 15 minutes armed with a pencil case, sketchbook and cup of tea.

    I spent the time drawing, mark making and doodling. Whatever. 

    I placed the sketchbook on the table and took a snap with my trusty iPhone and shared the content via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

    It was warming to receive positive comments, a new audience and even suggestions on things to draw. 

    So for February i'm bringing it back. For now no promises to whether it'll carry on into March. But for now it's back. You can see today's doodle here.

  • Capturing moments.

    I run, ride, climb and very occasionally swim. Never as much as i'd like to but enough to keep the cobwebs at bay. Other than keeping a training journal I have never really captured any of my adventures.

    So as 2015 began one of my targets for the year was to stop occasionally and capture moments whilst out exploring. I use my running time to think, unwind from the days events and entertain silly ideas.

    I've really enjoyed the forced pause within activities, its taught me to enjoy the journey and take pressure off of speed targets. Some of my snaps are above, the rest of the results can be seen over on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Rectory Lane.

    Rectory Lane is one of the earliest streets that made Ashtead the village is today, the corner shop had a penny farthing on it's roof and served tea and cake to those who ventured out of London to the countryside in the saddle.

    The little lane is still going, thriving full of independent businesses. All with a hint to the past with their cycling roots. It seems perfect that two of these businesses are now new stockists of Laurie King Co products.

    Walk up the hill from The Street you'll reach Hannam's HQ first. A perfect little sweet and gift shop. Selling good old fashioned sweets and gifts for those special occasions (they also stock my personal favourite toffee crumble). Amongst their array of gifts you'll find a selection of my greetings cards.  

    Now, full of sugar, continue up the hill and find Bike Beans. A well established cycle cafe serving coffee, cakes and tasty food to those on a bike (and more often those who aren't). The perfect cup of coffee and a lunch fit for a king. And whilst enjoying those admire a range of my screen prints. 

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